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6 Things you Should Know Before Buying a Food Dehydrator

The primary goal of food dehydrators is to remove some water from your foods in a suitable manner without affecting the nutritional content. The dehydrator must evenly distribute airflow at a constant temperature all across the trays. Food dehydrators dry food while retaining their nutritional content and the alkalinity of fresh produce. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. There are many factors to consider when buying a food dehydrator.

The following are six factors to consider when buying a food dehydrator:

  1. Ease of Use

In most cases, food dehydrating is easy, and there are no much differences between various models. However, some features can ease the dehydration process. Among them is having a dehydrator that can cook so evenly that you won’t have to switch across the shelves. This implies that you don’t have to check on your food during the dehydration process regularly.

For convenience, check on cleaning and the extent of work that goes into cleaning for each model. Cleaning can be gauged by the number of parts the food dehydrator has, whether it’s safe or not to put in the dishwashers, and the position of the fan (top is the best).

  1. Convenient Features

This is one of the significant factors to consider when buying a food dehydrator. However, there are few additional features incorporated into some kitchen living food dehydrators that make a huge difference when it comes to the ease of use. Some of these features include:

  • Auto Shutoff

This feature is essential if you usually multi-task. A food dehydrator with a Shutoff feature will shut automatically when the process is over.

  • Timer

Food dehydration process takes a lot of time making it very easy to forget. A food dehydrator with a timer enables you to check on your food in the most appropriate time and be alerted when it’s ready.

  • Thermostat

Various types of foods dry best under different temperature and hence, having the ability to adjust the temperature in your unit is quite essential in attaining the best results. Choose a food dehydrator that has an adjustable thermostat if your primary objective is to dry different types of foods.

  1. Heat Distribution and Air Flow

Food dehydration involves an elementary concept. The concept is all about keeping food at a constant, high temperature for good enough time to dry out some percentage of the moisture. The challenge is making sure that the heat is evenly distributed. The food is unevenly distributed and to achieve this, the product set up must have sufficient air flow.

Before you purchase a food dehydrator, always research on what manufacturers say about heat distribution and airflow for each model. Consider their input in ensuring that the food in the dehydrator will be evenly dried. The horizontal flow food dehydrators have the best design for this. However, most of the vertical flow models usually incorporate fans, and other elements specially meant to improve airflow.

  1. Noise

Given that it’s common for food dehydrators to have a fan, many kitchen living food dehydrators produce some sound. The overall decibel level varies from one model to another. If you want a food dehydrator that is as quiet as possible, choose a model that is known for producing much less noise.

Surprisingly, decibel ratings are not usually listed in specifications on each model. You should do intensive research on your own from various online reviews and testimonies. This will help you to know what other consumers are saying regarding the noise of your favorite model.

  1. Size and Capacity

When buying most small kitchen appliances, you mostly consider the amount of food you want to cook in one round and the available space in your kitchen. Despite that small food dehydrators especially the vertical flow ones occupy less counter space, they generally have a smaller capacity and can’t hold much. However, they occupy less space and are easier to store when not in use.

With a lot of food from your garden or planning to buy produce in bulk and need to dehydrate in a short time, large kitchen living food dehydrators fits the purpose. A small dehydrator is the best if you want to make a few snacks occasionally and save the kitchen real estate.

  1. Price

On the higher end of price range, you will come across food dehydrators with large capacity and can quickly dehydrate a lot of food at ago, effective heat distribution that cooks evenly, and various little perks such as thermometers and timers that make the entire process easy. On the lower end of the price range, you will come across some basic food dehydrators that can perfectly accomplish the task. However, they will have few limitations on types of foods that you can dehydrate. They will also require more maintenance and will likely not last for long.

For most buyers, an average priced food dehydrator is the best especially the first time buyers. Your choice will best be determined by your favorite features and the type of food that you want to dehydrate.

When searching for the best food dehydrator that fully meets your needs, it entirely depends on your preferences and your intention on having one. However, ideas on how kitchen living food dehydrators differ and their various options will help you come up with the most decisive decision. The above guide tells it all. Take your time.

What Equipment do you need to start a coffee shop?

It will be a better idea if you have the proper equipment for your café business. In most cases, you will find that most of the people who start the coffee shop have machines stored somewhere already waiting to be used. It will be something of great use if you consider buying new equipment for your café. If you are planning on getting the used ones then you should have a more in-depth history of the material, at least you should know who had the content and how he/she used it and the maintenance history of the equipment too will be something great to look for before you can make any further step on the same. In countries like UAE where there is a huge demand of coffee, you should always get your cafe equipment from trustable restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai.

Most of the things that am referring here include the compressor and the motors; those machines need to be checked well before you purchase them, things like the sink, counters and even table are just beautiful to buy as long as they are in good condition.

Refrigerator for storage

It is a good idea if you have a fridge at the back of your café; they normally play a great role in helping store things like the milk and sometimes baking ingredients and other food items. In most cases, you will find that they are normally designed in that they will come either with a single door or a double door. The choice depends entirely on your preference.

Credit card machine

This will depend a lot on the kind of services you offer at your café; if you are under the new technology then probably you will have the equipment in your coffee shop. They help a lot when it comes to paying using cards; you don’t have to worry as all you need to do is to swap the card, and all the payments will be catered for. They are generally bought from credit card processors; you should aim at buying and not leasing, leasing will rip you off.


They usually come in different forms, and therefore it is good to look for one that will give you the best of the services. Commercial blenders are good as they will serve you for an extended period, the others can give you a short-term service and then break up. So if you are planning on getting one it will be a better idea to look for a commercial one for it will serve you well without lots of complications.

Sandwich prep unit

Just like the other equipment this too comes designed in different ways, they are usually those that have a single door, double and even triple doors. So depending on the number of foodstuffs that you want to store, you will have to choose for yourself the one that will best suit you. In most cases, I prefer the double door as it has a good space for you to store your foodstuffs.


In a café you will find that there are those food ingredients that need to be frozen, if you have a freezer then it becomes much easier for you to do the freezing. Things like ice cream need to be frozen and therefore having one of these will make the game more comfortable for you.

Hand Sink(s)

The health department in your café is something that you should give priority. They will help in making sure that both your customers and workers are clean always, health is sensitive, and therefore it needs a lot of attention as compared to other things in the coffee shop. A clean place will tend to attract a lot of people as no one will like sitting in a place where there is dirt.


This is the first thing that you will not forget; you need to look for good furniture’s that will best suit your cafe. Make sure you go for those that will last long enough so that it can help you save on other things, both chairs and tables are needed in the coffee shop, and therefore you cannot avoid them. Also, you should consider the space of your shop when purchasing the furniture’s as you will not like to find that the furniture’s take almost all the space.

The coffee shop will entirely depend on how well you organize yourself, it is not just a one-day event, and you should have a good look into it and make sure that you haven’t forgotten a thing in your list. Don’t be in a hurry when you want to start a coffee shop, take your time and make sure that all you need is available. Ranging from the workforce to the way the café looks and the services you offer will entirely depend on you.

7 Benefits of Starting a Café in 2019

Coffee is among the most consumed beverage in the world. Sources have it that in the US, nearly 400 million cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis. Besides, there has been a 20% increase in specialty coffee consumption which means Americans make specialty coffee an $18 billion market. This explains why coffee business startup has skyrocketed for the last two decades and it’s an excellent business venture to try out. If you wanted to start a café in 2018 but you feel the time is running out, don’t panic as 2019 is almost here with us and the future looks bright. The consumer base of specialty coffee lovers is growing with each dawn and given that consumers are understanding the need to have high-quality coffee, the in-store sales are increasing. Here are seven benefits of starting a café in 2019.

  1. Enjoy a sense of freedom

It is possible that this year has not been great for you as you had to bear with challenges in your workplace. For instance, working from early in the morning to late in the evening puts you on a fixed schedule and leaves you little or no time for your family or do so something else. However, 2019 could be a different year if you start your own café; you’ll have the flexibility to quest after your vision in your business. Also, you’ll get more time to spend with your family and most importantly, you’ll get financial freedom and freedom to pursue the lifestyle you’ve ever wanted.

  1. Become your own boss

It’s the desire of every person to be his or her own boss and if you’ve been dreaming to become one, there’s no better season than 2019 and the best opportunity is to start a café. Besides being your own boss, opening a café helps you to be in charge of your business and life as well. Coffee shop owners are successful because they understand what it takes to hire the right people and delegate them to their respective places. Also, you’ll be in a better position to write your own destiny and make informed decisions for the success of your business without having to consult anyone.

  1. It’s a profitable business

It goes without saying that the objective of starting any business is to make the profit, and a café is no exception. Start a café in 2019 and enjoy all the profits it brings. As stated, the demand for coffee is increasing day by day and it’s estimated that the profit margin is likely to rise in the future. If you’re looking for a life-changing achievement in 2019, start a café business as its profitable and will give you reasons to enjoy profit single-handedly. You will always feel good knowing that your business is growing as you make profits and change your lifestyle for good.

  1. Uplifting your community

If you’re looking forward to starting a business in 2019 that will bring incredible satisfaction and change your lifestyle, it could be no other than starting a café. The coffee shop should be in a well-located place which is welcoming in order to offer your neighbors a safe and conducive place where they can meet for brief chats and this will definitely make a difference in your neighborhood. When people are looking for a cool place to relax, they will do it in your café and this will help your business to expand. This will make you employ even more people from the neighborhood which will improve their living standards.

  1. You get an opportunity to transfer business skills in your café shop

The skills you require to operate and run a coffee business is transferable. It goes without saying that a café requires different skills for it to run smoothly. You might not have all of them but the one or two you pick in your previous job, career, or education will ensure you succeed in starting a café in 2019. For instance, you might not be perfect in making the best espresso shot your customers will be looking for but your knowledge and understanding of marketing and/or accounting could be overwhelming. That way, you’ll be in a better position to market your shop and manage your finances well to ensure that your business succeeds.

  1. Coffee lovers are everywhere

The challenge that comes with starting a new business is the inability to locate a niche that has not been fully occupied yet. However, you don’t have to stress yourself anymore wondering which business to start in 2019 because a café will sort you out. As long as you select a location wisely, serve high-quality coffee and fresh snacks, and approach customers with respect, a café will always succeed because coffee lovers are everywhere.

  1. You get an opportunity to serve high-quality coffee with a passion

If you’ve had a passion to operate a business in food and drink service for the past years, it’s the best time to make plans on how you’ll start a café come 2019. When you love what you do, you don’t feel like you’re working and you enjoy while making money. Being a social drink, coffee brings people together and once you start a café, you’ll get an opportunity to share your passion for coffee with other people.

Final thoughts

It is without a doubt that everybody wants to be their own drivers in their lives. Waking up early in the morning and returning home late in the evening working for someone does not give you the motivation you need in life. If you’ve started businesses before but failed, or you’re wondering the best business to start in 2019, you don’t have to look far and wide as starting a café is the way to go and it will give you some or all the benefits highlighted above.


6 Common Mistakes New Cafe Owners Make

Coffee is soon becoming the world’s staple beverage. Coffee and coffee makers are everywhere from the street coffee cart, on the common room table of every workspace in the world to the kitchen countertops of almost every household you pop into.

Therefore, if you have a business and a new one at that, it is essential you avoid certain mistakes that will make you lose customers who frequent your new establishment. This article will point out 6 mistakes made by rookie coffee shop owners when establishing their coffee cafes. It will enlighten you and help you avoid falling into this pit many coffee business owners frequently find themselves in.

  • A Wrong Choice Location

The list of locations you can access coffee cheaply and at your convenience is endless. Coffee cafés are not the holy grail of coffee making any more. New competitions are in town and when you are thinking about setting up a coffee shop, factor in the choice of location.

Location determines how and when your customers will access your services. A more accessible and conspicuous location will not do any bad for business. Those are the main factors that you should adhere to in ensuring your coffee business stay relevant in the current dynamic coffee industry.

Find a populated location like a business bazaar to set up shop due to its busy nature.

  • Deficient Coffee Collection

Coffee customers are in need of a variety of coffee types to choose from. Ardent coffee lovers travel the world to have a taste of different strays of coffee. Tasting different types of coffee every day bring a certain level of fulfilment to coffee lovers.

That is to paint a picture of how having a great coffee collection could do wonders for your business’ ROI within a short time span. Teach yourself different coffee making skills to help you attract more customers by increasing the variety of your coffee collection.

  • Assuming Your Competition

Many rookie coffee business owners focus so much on opening the door of the shop on that first day to an extent they forget they are not the only coffee joint on the block.

It is essential to do due diligence on your competitors by scanning your locality’s number of coffee shops. Then find out about their packaging, branding, pricing strategies to add some tips to your armoury.

  • Overlooking A Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy ensures the entire neighbourhood and whoever bothers to care knows that your business is about to be launched or has been launched. Garnering visibility for your business by using social networking platforms like Facebook, and posters, local influencers to mobilise customers to help you bring more customers to your coffee cafe.

An excellent example of marketing strategy for your small business is offering 2% discount for buying coffee on the first one week of opening shop.

  • Overlook the Importance of a Good Lease

It is the trickiest part of establishing your coffee shop. It torments new business owners because landlords tend to hike fees especially if they realise you are new to the real estate market. Therefore, it is crucial to research the prevailing leasing rates to furnish you with a clue of what to expect and to help you prepare.

A vital pointer at this stage is to ensure your rental rate is not more than 10% of your total earnings. A lease stipulating a renting rate more than 10 % brings an imbalance to your earning and expenditure.

Any landlord offering a deal more than 10% is an indicator that all is not well and you should reconsider your choices or renegotiate the contract.

  • Neglect the Nitty-Gritty

The tangibles are not the most crucial things to give considerable thought when establishing a coffee café. Many coffee shop owners tend to invest all their time, energy and money on the material things that a coffee café.

However, do you know those small elements of your business stick for long with your customer and encourages them to return to your shop. The intangibles that matter to your clients include maintaining the tidiness of your business premise, proper arrangement of samples on display and customer care services that engage with your customers well.

To conclude, the mistakes that are listed on this are not exhaustive, but it offers the fundamental errors you should avoid to launch your business on a lucrative path. Mistakes also should not keep you down. However, let them be the factors you correct to act as springs to launch your coffee business.

How To Open a Coffee Shop With No Experience

With the demand for coffee on the rise, many people are willing to start a coffee shop although they are reluctant because they have no experience. If you are in that category, you are not alone. Actually, you are in the majority and the fact that you don’t have experience should not make you feel inferior or left out. There are many successful coffee shop owners and at some point, they were just like you without experience. There is no one in this world born with experience of starting a café and you must start and learn from somewhere. Given that the perfection will not find you at home or in other professions, here is how you can open a coffee shop with no experience.

Appreciate the experience you have

If you’re in dire need of opening a café, don’t let fear kill your dreams. Appreciating the little knowledge and experience you have is the foundation you need to become a successful coffee shop owner in the future. The skills you have gained through education or from your previous work could be transferable and you can use it and become a successful coffee shop owner. For instance, having inventory or accounting, branding, marketing, communication and pricing experience is something you’ll need and use on a daily basis and when you apply it accordingly, your coffee shop will succeed and grow.

Increase your knowledge base

When planning to open a coffee shop without experience, you must be willing to learn and increase the base of your knowledge. Even though you might be knowledgeable in other areas such as marketing, there are other areas in the business which you should understand. For instance, being an excellent coffee brewer is not the only way to run a successful café; you must understand accounting, HR, and customer service. Therefore, you must be willing to learn and with time, all the important skills will be on your fingertips. Besides, you can teach yourself the basics by watching videos and doing practice at home and if your family or friends genuinely like your coffee, your customers will like it too.

Be cheerful and friendly

When you open a coffee shop, you will become the boss in that enterprise. Hire qualified employees with different expertise and delegate work accordingly. Don’t let them know that you don’t have the experience in running a coffee shop as they can take advantage of you. Always ensure that you direct them to perform their duties excellently and as a rule of thumb, be cheerful and friendly, not only to your customers but also to the staff. That way, the staff will be motivated to work hard and you’ll get an opportunity to learn how they execute their responsibilities and also, it will increase the chance of your customers coming back to your coffee shop.

Become a team player

Being a boss doesn’t mean you stay away from responsibilities; it means being a team player. It entails working and communicating with both customers and staff and be there when needed. In fact, working with your staff is the easiest way to gain experience in your coffee shop. For instance, be there when they are brewing coffee, see what they do and taste it before it’s served to the customers. Also, be part of the marketing as well as accounting staff and see what they do so you can be able to do it next time if that particular staff is unavailable.

Remain passionate about starting the business you’ve always wanted

When you have no experience in running a coffee shop, it’s likely to feel that you cannot meet the needs of your customers. However, don’t let the passion you have depart from you. Serving coffee helps you to share the passion you have with others. Therefore, ensure that you have a detailed business plan and the cause of action as it will help you stay focused on what should be done and it will help you not to lose the passion you have in starting your own coffee shop business.

Final thought

Starting a coffee shop is not as hard as it seems but many people with that passion are afraid to start due to lack of experience. However, that should not keep you away from achieving your dreams because the experience is not the only thing you need. Everybody starts from somewhere and even the most prominent coffee shop owners had no experience when they started running their shops. The little you have is what you need in taking your café in the next level. All you need is to appreciate what you have, get the basic knowledge and have the heart to learn what other coffee shop owners have done in the past and you’ll surely succeed.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Café Business

After years of research, planning and investment, you’ve finally decided to start a café and serve great coffee and fresh food in a relaxing atmosphere. Well, starting a coffee shop is an exciting and profitable venture for anyone with a passion for coffee. However, just like any other business, many people are not sure on whether they should go ahead and open up a coffee shop due to money concerns, self-doubt, fear of failure, and are not sure of the market and where to start from. Having certain doubts is understandable given that you are likely to spend time, money and effort in starting and running it. If you’re planning to start a café business in the future, here are pros and cons you should know before investing your hard-earned money in it.

Pros of starting a café business

  1. Profits

The objective of any business is to make profits and starting a café business is a sure way of generating revenue. The demand for coffee is on the rise and this means that as long as you serve high-quality coffee and wholesome, fresh snacks, more people will be coming to buy from you and the more the sales, the more profit you make. A café business is a value machine and the profit it generates can change your lifestyle forever.

  1. Helps you to create your own schedule

When you start your own café business, you become your own boss; you hire employees and delegate work accordingly. You get busy but you’re flexible enough to determine which hours you’ll be working and which ones to spend with your family, kids or in other businesses. Also, starting your own coffee shop gives you priceless freedom which in turn offers richer and empowering lifestyle.

  1. To be part of a community

It goes without saying that coffee is a social drink as it brings people together. Therefore, setting up a coffeehouse is a great resource in your community as it becomes a peaceful and cool place where people come together for a drink and briefings. When people socialize as they share a cup of coffee, they feel connected not only to each other but also to you, your staff and your business.

  1. A sense of satisfaction

It’s a great thing to get profit but fulfilling a personal vision you’ve always wanted to reach is priceless. Success is not measured on how much you earn but the satisfaction you get in doing what you do. When you start a café business, you get an opportunity to work from your heart and not for money and you get a million and one reasons to be happy. When you reach your goals and dreams of creating something special for people to enjoy, you get a sense of satisfaction.


  1. Its time consuming

Launching a coffee business is not always a walk in the park as it takes more time than you first imagined. Starting a café business requires a concrete planning and writing a business plan which takes time and efforts. It is therefore important to ask yourself whether you have the effort and time to start a café business.

  1. Too much to do

When planning to start a café business, you must understand that you’ll be the boss and everything will start and end with you. You make all the decisions, delegate responsibilities, and enjoy all the profits and losses on your own. Sadly, many people are not willing to take the responsibilities that come with running a business because they feel it’s too much for them to handle. Therefore, when planning to start a café business, consider your personality and weigh whether you can manage employees and deal with customers cordially.

  1. It’s an expensive undertaking

Starting up a café business is not as easy as it seems. The start-up cost is high; and produce, equipment and licensing are all very expensive. That means that you’ll either be forced to use all your life savings or borrow in order to open your dream coffee shop.

Final thought

With the consumption of coffee on the rise, investing in a café business is a great idea. It will help you fulfill your vision, help you share your passion with others, bring your community together and most importantly, you’ll make good money. However, running it will not be smooth especially due to the stiff competition but with determination, you can overcome all these challenges and enjoy the benefits that come with café business. If you’re planning to start one in the future, the above pros and cons will help you in making informed decisions on whether to go ahead with your plan or not. As a rule of thumb, there are so many pros associated with starting a café business and the risk is worth taking.

7 Reasons Why Coffee Shops Fail

Coffee is among the most popular beverage in the world. It has high antioxidant levels and beneficial nutrients and healthy to consume. That being the case, starting a coffee shop could be a great opportunity to impact your community, build a profitable enterprise and most importantly, change your life completely. It goes without saying that many people are going for high-quality espresso drinks and a well-run coffee shop can give you good returns all year round. However, every year, dozens of coffee shops are opened and around the same number close down. But have you ever asked yourself why they fail yet the demand for coffee is on the rise? Well, if you’re planning to start a coffee business soon, here are seven reasons why most of them fail and learning from others can save you money and help you avoid mistakes for a successful business.

  1. Failure to do a thorough research

Starting any business needs basic research and coffee shops are no exception. However, some coffee shop owners fail to do research on how to position their shops for success. If you know how to brew coffee and love drinking it doesn’t mean you can successfully run a coffee shop; you must be willing to learn how to operate a coffee shop, how to handle the challenges, and how to make it successful. The research can be time-consuming but it’s worth the outcomes you get in the long run. Your research should entail;

  • Looking at the cost around your business
  • Reading books and other related materials dealing with retail coffee business
  • To do a research on the cost elements you require
  • Learn more about coffee such as origin and roasting profiles
  • Read resources on how to open a business entity

Sadly, many people overlook this important element of research and assume that the business will automatically succeed, but end up being disappointed and close it thereafter.

  1. Lack of willingness and attitude to learn and grow

Many new coffee shop owners have a misconception that starting a coffee business is easy. However, to start and develop a coffee shop requires real time and investment and you should be willing to learn as it’s the only way to succeed as a coffee shop owner. Customers have different needs and if you fail to learn what they want, your business cannot grow. Also, failing to learn about marketing and promotion endangers the prospect of your coffee shop.

  1. Spending too much on the wrong equipment

When planning to start a café, one thing that crosses your mind is the new and shiny coffee equipment to buy. Well, it’s not a bad idea to buy something impressive and expensive for your business but you shouldn’t overspend on equipment you don’t need. Before spending too much on equipment, determine your menu, the space it will occupy, and your budget. Sadly, many new coffee shop owners buy expensive equipment blindly leaving them on debts and no money to run the business.

  1. Inconsistent standards

Consistency is the key to attracting customers in your café and retaining them. With consistency, your customers become regular. However, most coffee shop owners are inconsistent; they open and close their business on irregular times and the quality of the coffee they sell is inconsistent too. If you want your coffee shop to succeed, be consistent and remember that your customers will allow you to make three mistakes before they say goodbye to your shop. Therefore, your drinks should be 100% perfect failure to which your customers will leave you and look for somewhere they can get consistent coffee that meets their needs.

  1. Poor services

Your customers are the most important people in your business and therefore, they expect great services from you in order to come back next time. Outstanding services are as a result of recruiting the best team, training them well, and rewarding them for their good work. Instead of looking for skills during recruitment, look for attitude and as a rule of thumb, pay your staff competitively and you won’t lose them easily. When you recruit staff from time to time, you spend a lot of time in retraining them and your customers will not like it when they find new staffs every time they come to your shop. This is because, customers tend to build a concrete friendship with the staffs and when they don’t find them in your shop, they feel heartbroken and never return.

  1. Poor relationships with suppliers

When running a coffee shop, it’s important to understand that you are dependent on your suppliers for what you sell. Therefore, you must build a cordial relationship with your suppliers as it’s the path towards a successful business. When the relationship between the two of you breaks for instance when you fail to pay them on time, or when you talk to them rudely, they will stop delivering what you need and you’ll have nothing to sell.

  1. Poor management

For a coffee business to succeed, it requires good management skills right from the start. Poor management affects your business negatively and you need good management skills to execute the following areas;

  • Managing employees
  • Inventory management
  • Management of vendor relations
  • Management of payroll and everything related to HR
  • Managing budget
  • Training

Managing your business successfully is no walk in the park as it can be tedious and time-consuming. Many new coffee shop owners don’t want to use their time in managing their business and end up disappointed when their close down.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that coffee is among the most consumed beverage in the world. Coffee drinkers are looking for a coffee shop out there they can call home. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, most coffee businesses fail and the owners end up closing down with huge debts to pay. However, if planning to start a coffee shop in the future, don’t feel discouraged; you can learn these reasons and avoid them when you start yours and be ready for great returns.


How to Clean Your Coffee Equipment

Are you a coffee lover? Well, that means that you probably use your coffee making equipment a lot. The more you use it, the higher the chances of it becoming dirty are. A recent study showed that most people don’t clean their coffee makers as often as they should. Did you know that your coffee maker is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold? Therefore, dirty coffee making equipment can expose you to a lot of health dangers. To help you out, below are tips on how to clean the different types of coffee making equipment.

What Are The Requirements?

To clean your coffee equipment, there are some things that you should have. Most people usually rinse their equipment a bit and put them back on the shelf. But, this isn’t sufficient. You will need the following to clean your coffee equipment;

  • Baking Soda – It is the best alternative because it can be rinsed with ease, unlike soap.
  • Dish washing detergent to clean the glass.
  • Vinegar – It does a marvelous job in getting rid of mineral deposits that accumulate at the bottom of the carafe.
  • A scrubbing brush and washing cloth.
  • Any cleaning agent of your choice.

Now that you have all the requirements, you can now thoroughly clean your coffee equipment.

  1. Drip Coffee Maker

Let’s start with the Drip Coffee Maker. If you own one of these great machines, then you need to clean it on a weekly basis. In most cases, if you take a close look at your drip coffee maker, you will notice mineral deposits at the bottom. The problem with mineral buildup is that it can significantly affect the taste of your brewed coffee.

To remove mineral deposits and dirt, you should clean the carafe once or twice a week. Make sure you do this when the lid is removed. Also, clean the filter basket by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and baking soda. With the aid of a washing cloth, wipe any residue and then rinse it with clean water. Once you are through, you can then wipe the coffee maker on the outside. Don’t forget to wipe the shower head.

  1. The French Press

The French Press is among one of the most popular coffee makers out there. However, most of its users dread cleaning it because it appears to be a bit tedious. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean it, but once you get used to this, it becomes easier.

To clean this coffee equipment thoroughly, you should first dismantle it into smaller parts. Then soak them in baking soda or soapy water. Allow them to settle for more than fifteen minutes. You can then use the cleaning rug to clean one part at a time. After that, you should rinse the equipment in running water. Failure to do so can lead to the brewing of coffee with a soapy taste. Before reassembling the parts, allow them to dry off first.

  1. Espresso Machine

For those who are serious about coffee, an espresso machine is the answer. However, other than its exceptional ability to prepare you a tasty cup of coffee, it also requires thorough cleaning. Unlike the above two equipment, an espresso machine requires a special cleaner. You can clean it every three to four times a month.

For you to clean it thoroughly, you will need to run the cleaner as if you are making coffee. That is, you will first have to remove the handle from the espresso machine. Run some warm water to remove any espresso cake that might be inside. You can then pour the cleaner into the filter basket and then begin brewing. Do this at least five to ten times. Once you are done, you can remove the handle and start rinsing with water. With the handle still off, try to do as if you are brewing some coffee so that the inside is thoroughly rinsed.

Once you are satisfied that the inside is as clean as it should be, you can take your brush and begin scrubbing the area around the groove. Rinse it one last time and allow it to dry before you can make yourself some great coffee.

  1. The Chemex

The Chemex is a bit easier to clean than the others because you can just put it in your dishwasher. But you must first remove the wood and leather corset because it’s not water friendly. You will also need to bend the rack posts so that it fits into the washer without causing any damages. You can also use a brush to clean the inside glass to remove stubborn remnants.

A cleaner coffee equipment guarantees tastier coffee. Cleaning your equipment on the outside is only good for your eyes but not for your health and taste buds. The above are tips on how to clean the different coffee making equipment. Don’t forget to do it at least once every week. Also be gentle while cleaning the equipment to avoid any damages.

6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Coffee Shop

You are probably not the only person with a coffee shop on the street. This is because coffee is the most loved beverage in the world and every business person wants to take advantage of it. So a lot of people will ask this question: how can I attract more customers to may coffee shop? The secret is just being different from your competitors and give your customers what they cannot find elsewhere. So here are some of the things to implement if you want to attract customers to your coffee shop.

1. Start a loyalty card scheme

This is a trick used by many businesses but rarely will you find a coffee shop indulging in this scheme. But you can design simple matt-finish business cards with boxes to stamp. The best part is that they are quite cheap. Since you will be giving away your coffee at a reduced price, you will reduce your profit margin. But the extra customers can make all the difference you need. So it is advisable to invest in a custom-made ink stamp or unique hole-punch that will side step cheaters and at the same time give more people the chance to enjoy your coffee.

2. Make use of social media

Social media is by far the most powerful marketing tool all businesses are making use of. It is cheap and quite easy to use. But the trick here is to get active and engaging.

A successful social media strategy normally has a professional input behind it. But if you don’t have the finances to pay someone to make your social media handles active, you can take a personal interest and do a lot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is the best way to build your brand awareness and drive people to your coffee shop.

3. Refresh the look

A cup of coffee has the power to refresh and reenergize a dull customer. But before the customer even orders for a cup, he/she should be excited to be at your shop. The best way to ensure that happens is to refresh the look of your shop.

Most people think that the vintage and industrial look is what makes a coffee shop sell coffee. But that is a misconception. In fact, a good research on the new trends will give you the breakthrough you have been looking for. So other than just changing the décor of your shop, consider refreshing your coffee mugs and changing your entire coffee display.

4. Build a community

As you try to appeal to new customers, it is also important that you consider your different audience segments. If your shop needs that business traffic, offer a business special or brag about the free Wi-Fi on offer.

If your coffee shop is frequented by students, you can offer them a discount at off-peak hours. All this will help you build a community and create a relationship with your customers. This is how you will make loyal customers.

5. Get more electrical outlets

If your Coffee shop is surrounded by students or if you have free Wi-Fi, it only makes sense if you install electrical outlets for your customers. In fact, laptops are like an extension of the body of a student or a freelancer. Customers don’t want to take coffee in a coffee shop that has no power outlets because they don’t want to worry about the devices going off. You can attract customers buy installing sockets.

Most business owners think that adding such things will make customers to stay longer and take up valuable space that could be occupied by new customers. Well they are wrong. Active and busy cafes normally attract potential customers. This shows that you have a great customer base which means there is something right about your shop.

6. Plan seasonal events

If you are looking for the best way to encourage the fall spirit then you should consider hosting a seasonal event at your shop. For instance, you can organize a craft event or coloring contest for the children in the neighborhood. Make sure you display their art on your wall and it is through such events that you will have the entire family come to your shop. You can also take part in neighborhood or city’s various events. Get a booth and sell your coffee at the event.

7 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Cafe

Did you know that it’s projected that by the end of the year, over a million new restaurant locations will be opened around the US? Well, it is estimated that these restaurants will be able to employ close to 15 million people who accounts for 10% of the US labor force.

As you can see, opening a restaurant will surely work for you especially if you overcome one of the biggest fears that plague every entrepreneur – failure. Let’s face it. All successful entrepreneurs from around the world have had to overcome the fear of failure. As a result, they have been able to achieve their goals and even watched their investments grow and expand.

Before starting a cafe, here are 7 things you need to keep in mind.

1. Success will not occur overnight

Whether your new cafe is located near a high traffic area or your coffee is the tastiest in the whole city, success will not occur overnight. Before attaining, success, there is a lot that needs to be done. For starters, you have to identify the customers you want to attract.

Another important point to consider is management. If you lack the experience of running a restaurant, be warned. The end results will not be great. This is the same if you decide to hire inexperienced waiters and baristas.

To ensure success, you have to find the right location, hire experienced staff, market your restaurant and provide the best service to your customers.

2. Offer extra value to all your customers

Ever heard of this saying “the customer is always right.” Well, it’s true. If you treat your customer badly, they will end up leaving a bad review on your social media pages or other online platforms. If customers visiting the area read these bad reviews, they will opt to visit another cafe.

Since you don’t want this, you need to go the extra mile when providing services to your customers. Here is what you need to do. Find a unique concept that meets the needs of your customers. For instance, if the location you are planning to start your restaurant is frequented by college students, opening a high end cafe will not work well but an affordable one would.

When it comes to food and beverages, try to diversity your offerings. Instead of concentrating on what other restaurant are offering, why not specialize in new products that cannot be found in your area.

Lots of research is needed here.

3. Familiarize yourself with the suppliers

Now that you are starting your own restaurant, do you know where you can source your ingredients – pastries or the best coffee? Walking into a store and purchasing stuff for your cafe will not work. You need to find a dedicated supplier for what you are looking for. For instance when it comes to coffee, find a supplier who specializes in the best.

By doing so, it helps to ensure that your cafe will always be stocked. In case something runs out, your supplier is only a phone call away. Just make the call and they should deliver the supplies to your restaurant. If you don’t have a dedicated supplier, be prepared to face the wrath of your customers.

4. Hire people you can trust

To ensure your cafe idea becomes successful, you need to hire people you trust from the word go. For instance, when it comes to locating the right premises for your restaurant, you need to hire an attorney with real estate experience. He or she is well versed with lease agreements and should be able to advice you.

You also need a highly experienced accountant. Since you will be running the business, you need to have someone you can trust when it comes to finances and taxes.

5. Pricing is not rocket science

It is quite tempting to price your food and beverages highly when you start your restaurant because you want to profit and expand. Well, it does not work that way. The best way to go about pricing your food and drinks is to calculate the quantity you need to sell in order to break even.

If you are delivering food and beverages to customers, the delivery fee should be included and must be able to cater for fuel and wages paid to the delivery guy. You don’t want to offer free deliver and end up paying the delivery guy from your pocket.

Refrain from pricing your food and beverages too high. People have yet to taste your food and other offerings so, they are not familiar with your brand. Don’t price your food and beverages too low either. This will surely lead to the death of your restaurant.

6. Plan your menu to cater for all

Planning your menu is an important item to factor in your plan before opening your business. Your menu should largely be influenced by the theme of your cafe.

You can also study trends and add new menu items. Apart from that, you should have a menu that caters for different ages – adults and kids plus a menu that also caters for different people – vegan and vegetarians.

7. Business permits and licensing

You cannot open and run any business without a license. Whether it’s a food truck or a high end restaurant, you need a business permit or license to operate. To have these documents, reach out to your local government office. Apart from that, you should consider other requirements – state and federal. This will ensure that your new business is in compliance with the law. You don’t want to be shut down just when your restaurant is gaining popularity.