What Equipment do you need to start a coffee shop?

It will be a better idea if you have the proper equipment for your café business. In most cases, you will find that most of the people who start the coffee shop have machines stored somewhere already waiting to be used. It will be something of great use if you consider buying new equipment for your café. If you are planning on getting the used ones then you should have a more in-depth history of the material, at least you should know who had the content and how he/she used it and the maintenance history of the equipment too will be something great to look for before you can make any further step on the same. In countries like UAE where there is a huge demand of coffee, you should always get your cafe equipment from trustable restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai.

Most of the things that am referring here include the compressor and the motors; those machines need to be checked well before you purchase them, things like the sink, counters and even table are just beautiful to buy as long as they are in good condition.

Refrigerator for storage

It is a good idea if you have a fridge at the back of your café; they normally play a great role in helping store things like the milk and sometimes baking ingredients and other food items. In most cases, you will find that they are normally designed in that they will come either with a single door or a double door. The choice depends entirely on your preference.

Credit card machine

This will depend a lot on the kind of services you offer at your café; if you are under the new technology then probably you will have the equipment in your coffee shop. They help a lot when it comes to paying using cards; you don’t have to worry as all you need to do is to swap the card, and all the payments will be catered for. They are generally bought from credit card processors; you should aim at buying and not leasing, leasing will rip you off.


They usually come in different forms, and therefore it is good to look for one that will give you the best of the services. Commercial blenders are good as they will serve you for an extended period, the others can give you a short-term service and then break up. So if you are planning on getting one it will be a better idea to look for a commercial one for it will serve you well without lots of complications.

Sandwich prep unit

Just like the other equipment this too comes designed in different ways, they are usually those that have a single door, double and even triple doors. So depending on the number of foodstuffs that you want to store, you will have to choose for yourself the one that will best suit you. In most cases, I prefer the double door as it has a good space for you to store your foodstuffs.


In a café you will find that there are those food ingredients that need to be frozen, if you have a freezer then it becomes much easier for you to do the freezing. Things like ice cream need to be frozen and therefore having one of these will make the game more comfortable for you.

Hand Sink(s)

The health department in your café is something that you should give priority. They will help in making sure that both your customers and workers are clean always, health is sensitive, and therefore it needs a lot of attention as compared to other things in the coffee shop. A clean place will tend to attract a lot of people as no one will like sitting in a place where there is dirt.


This is the first thing that you will not forget; you need to look for good furniture’s that will best suit your cafe. Make sure you go for those that will last long enough so that it can help you save on other things, both chairs and tables are needed in the coffee shop, and therefore you cannot avoid them. Also, you should consider the space of your shop when purchasing the furniture’s as you will not like to find that the furniture’s take almost all the space.

The coffee shop will entirely depend on how well you organize yourself, it is not just a one-day event, and you should have a good look into it and make sure that you haven’t forgotten a thing in your list. Don’t be in a hurry when you want to start a coffee shop, take your time and make sure that all you need is available. Ranging from the workforce to the way the café looks and the services you offer will entirely depend on you.