6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Coffee Shop

You are probably not the only person with a coffee shop on the street. This is because coffee is the most loved beverage in the world and every business person wants to take advantage of it. So a lot of people will ask this question: how can I attract more customers to may coffee shop? The secret is just being different from your competitors and give your customers what they cannot find elsewhere. So here are some of the things to implement if you want to attract customers to your coffee shop.

1. Start a loyalty card scheme

This is a trick used by many businesses but rarely will you find a coffee shop indulging in this scheme. But you can design simple matt-finish business cards with boxes to stamp. The best part is that they are quite cheap. Since you will be giving away your coffee at a reduced price, you will reduce your profit margin. But the extra customers can make all the difference you need. So it is advisable to invest in a custom-made ink stamp or unique hole-punch that will side step cheaters and at the same time give more people the chance to enjoy your coffee.

2. Make use of social media

Social media is by far the most powerful marketing tool all businesses are making use of. It is cheap and quite easy to use. But the trick here is to get active and engaging.

A successful social media strategy normally has a professional input behind it. But if you don’t have the finances to pay someone to make your social media handles active, you can take a personal interest and do a lot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is the best way to build your brand awareness and drive people to your coffee shop.

3. Refresh the look

A cup of coffee has the power to refresh and reenergize a dull customer. But before the customer even orders for a cup, he/she should be excited to be at your shop. The best way to ensure that happens is to refresh the look of your shop.

Most people think that the vintage and industrial look is what makes a coffee shop sell coffee. But that is a misconception. In fact, a good research on the new trends will give you the breakthrough you have been looking for. So other than just changing the décor of your shop, consider refreshing your coffee mugs and changing your entire coffee display.

4. Build a community

As you try to appeal to new customers, it is also important that you consider your different audience segments. If your shop needs that business traffic, offer a business special or brag about the free Wi-Fi on offer.

If your coffee shop is frequented by students, you can offer them a discount at off-peak hours. All this will help you build a community and create a relationship with your customers. This is how you will make loyal customers.

5. Get more electrical outlets

If your Coffee shop is surrounded by students or if you have free Wi-Fi, it only makes sense if you install electrical outlets for your customers. In fact, laptops are like an extension of the body of a student or a freelancer. Customers don’t want to take coffee in a coffee shop that has no power outlets because they don’t want to worry about the devices going off. You can attract customers buy installing sockets.

Most business owners think that adding such things will make customers to stay longer and take up valuable space that could be occupied by new customers. Well they are wrong. Active and busy cafes normally attract potential customers. This shows that you have a great customer base which means there is something right about your shop.

6. Plan seasonal events

If you are looking for the best way to encourage the fall spirit then you should consider hosting a seasonal event at your shop. For instance, you can organize a craft event or coloring contest for the children in the neighborhood. Make sure you display their art on your wall and it is through such events that you will have the entire family come to your shop. You can also take part in neighborhood or city’s various events. Get a booth and sell your coffee at the event.