The Pros and Cons of Starting a Café Business

After years of research, planning and investment, you’ve finally decided to start a café and serve great coffee and fresh food in a relaxing atmosphere. Well, starting a coffee shop is an exciting and profitable venture for anyone with a passion for coffee. However, just like any other business, many people are not sure on whether they should go ahead and open up a coffee shop due to money concerns, self-doubt, fear of failure, and are not sure of the market and where to start from. Having certain doubts is understandable given that you are likely to spend time, money and effort in starting and running it. If you’re planning to start a café business in the future, here are pros and cons you should know before investing your hard-earned money in it.

Pros of starting a café business

  1. Profits

The objective of any business is to make profits and starting a café business is a sure way of generating revenue. The demand for coffee is on the rise and this means that as long as you serve high-quality coffee and wholesome, fresh snacks, more people will be coming to buy from you and the more the sales, the more profit you make. A café business is a value machine and the profit it generates can change your lifestyle forever.

  1. Helps you to create your own schedule

When you start your own café business, you become your own boss; you hire employees and delegate work accordingly. You get busy but you’re flexible enough to determine which hours you’ll be working and which ones to spend with your family, kids or in other businesses. Also, starting your own coffee shop gives you priceless freedom which in turn offers richer and empowering lifestyle.

  1. To be part of a community

It goes without saying that coffee is a social drink as it brings people together. Therefore, setting up a coffeehouse is a great resource in your community as it becomes a peaceful and cool place where people come together for a drink and briefings. When people socialize as they share a cup of coffee, they feel connected not only to each other but also to you, your staff and your business.

  1. A sense of satisfaction

It’s a great thing to get profit but fulfilling a personal vision you’ve always wanted to reach is priceless. Success is not measured on how much you earn but the satisfaction you get in doing what you do. When you start a café business, you get an opportunity to work from your heart and not for money and you get a million and one reasons to be happy. When you reach your goals and dreams of creating something special for people to enjoy, you get a sense of satisfaction.


  1. Its time consuming

Launching a coffee business is not always a walk in the park as it takes more time than you first imagined. Starting a café business requires a concrete planning and writing a business plan which takes time and efforts. It is therefore important to ask yourself whether you have the effort and time to start a café business.

  1. Too much to do

When planning to start a café business, you must understand that you’ll be the boss and everything will start and end with you. You make all the decisions, delegate responsibilities, and enjoy all the profits and losses on your own. Sadly, many people are not willing to take the responsibilities that come with running a business because they feel it’s too much for them to handle. Therefore, when planning to start a café business, consider your personality and weigh whether you can manage employees and deal with customers cordially.

  1. It’s an expensive undertaking

Starting up a café business is not as easy as it seems. The start-up cost is high; and produce, equipment and licensing are all very expensive. That means that you’ll either be forced to use all your life savings or borrow in order to open your dream coffee shop.

Final thought

With the consumption of coffee on the rise, investing in a café business is a great idea. It will help you fulfill your vision, help you share your passion with others, bring your community together and most importantly, you’ll make good money. However, running it will not be smooth especially due to the stiff competition but with determination, you can overcome all these challenges and enjoy the benefits that come with café business. If you’re planning to start one in the future, the above pros and cons will help you in making informed decisions on whether to go ahead with your plan or not. As a rule of thumb, there are so many pros associated with starting a café business and the risk is worth taking.