6 Common Mistakes New Cafe Owners Make

Coffee is soon becoming the world’s staple beverage. Coffee and coffee makers are everywhere from the street coffee cart, on the common room table of every workspace in the world to the kitchen countertops of almost every household you pop into.

Therefore, if you have a business and a new one at that, it is essential you avoid certain mistakes that will make you lose customers who frequent your new establishment. This article will point out 6 mistakes made by rookie coffee shop owners when establishing their coffee cafes. It will enlighten you and help you avoid falling into this pit many coffee business owners frequently find themselves in.

  • A Wrong Choice Location

The list of locations you can access coffee cheaply and at your convenience is endless. Coffee cafés are not the holy grail of coffee making any more. New competitions are in town and when you are thinking about setting up a coffee shop, factor in the choice of location.

Location determines how and when your customers will access your services. A more accessible and conspicuous location will not do any bad for business. Those are the main factors that you should adhere to in ensuring your coffee business stay relevant in the current dynamic coffee industry.

Find a populated location like a business bazaar to set up shop due to its busy nature.

  • Deficient Coffee Collection

Coffee customers are in need of a variety of coffee types to choose from. Ardent coffee lovers travel the world to have a taste of different strays of coffee. Tasting different types of coffee every day bring a certain level of fulfilment to coffee lovers.

That is to paint a picture of how having a great coffee collection could do wonders for your business’ ROI within a short time span. Teach yourself different coffee making skills to help you attract more customers by increasing the variety of your coffee collection.

  • Assuming Your Competition

Many rookie coffee business owners focus so much on opening the door of the shop on that first day to an extent they forget they are not the only coffee joint on the block.

It is essential to do due diligence on your competitors by scanning your locality’s number of coffee shops. Then find out about their packaging, branding, pricing strategies to add some tips to your armoury.

  • Overlooking A Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy ensures the entire neighbourhood and whoever bothers to care knows that your business is about to be launched or has been launched. Garnering visibility for your business by using social networking platforms like Facebook, and posters, local influencers to mobilise customers to help you bring more customers to your coffee cafe.

An excellent example of marketing strategy for your small business is offering 2% discount for buying coffee on the first one week of opening shop.

  • Overlook the Importance of a Good Lease

It is the trickiest part of establishing your coffee shop. It torments new business owners because landlords tend to hike fees especially if they realise you are new to the real estate market. Therefore, it is crucial to research the prevailing leasing rates to furnish you with a clue of what to expect and to help you prepare.

A vital pointer at this stage is to ensure your rental rate is not more than 10% of your total earnings. A lease stipulating a renting rate more than 10 % brings an imbalance to your earning and expenditure.

Any landlord offering a deal more than 10% is an indicator that all is not well and you should reconsider your choices or renegotiate the contract.

  • Neglect the Nitty-Gritty

The tangibles are not the most crucial things to give considerable thought when establishing a coffee café. Many coffee shop owners tend to invest all their time, energy and money on the material things that a coffee café.

However, do you know those small elements of your business stick for long with your customer and encourages them to return to your shop. The intangibles that matter to your clients include maintaining the tidiness of your business premise, proper arrangement of samples on display and customer care services that engage with your customers well.

To conclude, the mistakes that are listed on this are not exhaustive, but it offers the fundamental errors you should avoid to launch your business on a lucrative path. Mistakes also should not keep you down. However, let them be the factors you correct to act as springs to launch your coffee business.